TFM STUDIOS is a fully functional Video production studio with lighting kits, green screens, cameras, and steadicam equipment. There are a few kinds of video that we can do.

Motion Picture Production
Like every filmmaker I dream of Making motion pictures. In reality i am usually working on writing, producing, editing, or shooting at least a short film. However, if you have any ideas, or need cameramen, directors lighting crew or any other service chances are we can help you.

Corporate Video
The idea of corporate video can be a confusing concept, as it is different from commercial video. Corporate video is generally used within the corporation, or by people using corporate products and not used for commercial purposes. This can include:
Training Videos
Instructional Videos
Presentational Videos

Commercial Video
This category is exactly what it sounds like, Commercial video is used specifically for commercial purposes, whether it is intended to air on Television or the internet our commercials are produced to the highest quality.

Event Video
Event Videos include any video which captures live events this can be for a multitude of purposes such as:
Bar Mitzvahs
Award Ceremonies