Travis Mandenberg

Travis Mandenberg is the owner of TFM Studios. He is Graduate of Grand Valley State University’s communications department. His background is in electronic media including:

  • Networking
  • Telecommunications
  • Video Production
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations 

In  2003, while stationed in Iraq with the 101st Travis started writing as an outlet and to relieve stress. Realizing that the proper story can change the world he became committed to examining the world though narration. Understanding that the best way to get his stories told was through film. Travis decided there that telling stories through film was his goal, however as he learns and grows he has adapted and included new ways of communication.

In 2006 Travis started doing Martial Arts with at White Tiger Martial Arts in Traverse City. This challenged him and opened him up to new ideas and ways of thinking that he’d never experienced before. Since then one of his goals has been to capture the true essence of martial arts on video, to go beyond the physical, to the depths of movement itself.

In December of 2012 Travis graduated from Grand Valley and moved back to Traverse city where he met and started working with several filmmakers in the Grand Traverse Area. Travis currently teaches a fight choreography class for the seeds program, teaches video classes as part of the adult education program at the Northwestern Michigan College, and works on many different film projects.